Tayside Linux Users Group: Meetings Diary

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Next meeting: T.B.D.


Monday May 2nd No meeting.

Monday April 4th Another good turn out to see an interesting presentation on VoIP from welby.

Monday March 7th A good turn out to see a useful presentation on LaTeX from Colin (cmb).

Get his presentation from here, here, here and here.

Monday February 7th No meeting, though some folks met up in the pub.

Monday January 3rd No meeting.


Monday December 6th Missed this one.

Monday November 1st A small turnout but a couple of new faces. There was nothing planned, we just talked about various stuff (including the obligatory BSD vs GPL debate).

Monday October 4th No meeting.

Monday September 6th A good turnout with a couple of new faces.

I gave a talk on a tri-head xinerama setup.

We also discussed about the possibility of organising an install-fest/Linux awareness day for next month.

Monday August 2nd No meeting.

Monday July 5th A dissapointingly small turnout (come on people) for an otherwise good meeting where Stoo demo'd Linux on his Xbox.

Monday June 7th A good turn out to see an excellent talk by Jonathan Riddell on KDE and a brief discussion on software patents and the upcoming voting.

Jonathan's KDE talk slides can be seen here.

Monday May 10th To celebrate our one year anniversary of LUG meetings, about a half dozen of us settled down to a viewing of WarGames.

Monday April 5th A small turnout (5). Simon brought along a couple of SPARC's which were tinkered with although they didn't boot into any OS.

Also various bits of disscussion was had, womewhat covering; distributions for the PPC, Firewire, how to get FLOSS used in schools and other random bits of chat.

Monday March 1st A good turnout for a fun practical LUG meet. We were trying to get colinb's wireless network going. Failed. Deduced it must be a hardware problem with the wireless NIC, said NIC is being sent back.

Also going on was an install of Debian on an old PC using the new Debian installer. This was more successful.

BobS took photo's of the various activities.

All in all seems to be regarded as the best LUG meet yet!.

Monday February 2nd Half a dozen people turned up for a viewing of "The Code".

Monday January 1st A good turnout with some new faces.

We had Angie from webtrust.org.uk give a presentation on what they do and how TLUG may be able to help out.


Monday December 1st There was no meeting this month.

Monday November 3rd Missed this meeting. But BobS gave a talk on CVS and subversion.

Monday October 6th I gave an update on the 2.6 kernel. Mark gave a talk about FreeBSD.

Monday September 1st Jonathan gave a brief demonstration of key generation in gpg. Then some people partook in a mini key signing party ;).

We then briefly discussed some projects we could do as a LUG.

  • Create a free wireless network in Dundee.
  • The obligatory installfest.
  • Help with setting up charities IT needs.

Monday August 4th About seven people turned up to enjoy a screening of Revolution-OS.

Thanks go to Simon for the DVD player and Jonathan for tracking down a copy of the DVD.

Monday July 7th Well, pretty much of a non-event. Three of us turned up, hung around for 45 minutes discussing various things and then called it quits.

Tuesday June 10th Second meeting, with an awesome turnout of about 6!.

Mainly we just discussed content and ideas for the next meetings. Of which we came up with the following to begin with.

  • Programming: C++, Perl, Shell
  • Compiling Kernels, patching etc
  • Debian: Installation, Usage, Advantages, Disadvantages
  • Samba, NFS
  • Sendmail, Exim and other mailers
  • WLAN on Linux and in general
  • Apache
  • Open Source Alternatives BeOS, BSD's, FreeVMS etc
  • Broadband Setup Under Linux
  • Politics of Open Source / Free Software
  • Gnome Vs KDE
  • Organisational Structure of TLUG
  • Promotion of Linux / Open Source in Dundee - Hospital, Schools, Unis
  • Gaming in Linux (This got quite a bit of discussion at the meeting)
  • Talks from people external to the group, Nick Dawes (Dundee Uni), Stephen Tweedie (Kernel Hacker and FS Guru) were potentials mentioned.
  • Reports on interesting things you're playing with (very very good idea, if you've been playing with something cool tell us about it! Or we'll have to hurt you).
  • Computing Benefiting the Community
  • A Wiki on the website to allow easier group communication
  • Security
  • Distributed Computing

Tuesday May 13th First LUG meeting.

Mark gave a demo of an install of Mandrake Linux (after battling with a bad ISO burn).

I gave a talk on the history of Linux and Unix. Also taled about whats new in the upcoming 2.6 kernel.

View my history of UNIX/Linux talk. Also, here is a jpeg kind of showning the UNIX family tree.

Here are some links to information regarding the 2.5/2.6 kernel.
Guillaume Boissiere's 2.5/2.6 status page
Dave Jones's post-halloween-2.5 document

Andrew Clayton <andrew@digital-domain.net>