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 [ C, not C++ ] Get your C, not C++ merch!!!

 Fedora on a ...

Running Fedora 28 on an Intel NUC7i3BNH

Running Fedora 23 on the Gigabyte BRIX 1900

Putting Fedora 14 on a SheevaPlug

 Tips and Tricks


Working with homeplugs under Linux

GDB / debugging tips



iptables NAT with one NIC

Working with filesystem and disk images

Working with files larger than 2GB on 32bit Linux

File & Directory naming best practices


Encode DVB MPEG-TS to VP8/Vorbis with subtitles in Matroska


Random android stuff

 Old stuff

Tayside LUG Diary.

[ 3 monitors ] A tri-head Xinerama setup.

E-Power.epplet that works with Linux 2.6 ACPI.

Need help in running setiathome under Linux?. Old, pre-BOINC

 Domains hosted here

Andrew Clayton